Why Ductless Air Conditioning Is Becoming More Popular

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Air conditioning has literally reshaped the world, making it much easier for folks to live in hot climates that were once uninhabitable or extremely uncomfortable. These days, you can opt for a few different types of air conditioning setups. While central HVAC systems have been quite popular, more and more folks have been opting for ductless air conditioning. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

Enjoy Lower Utility Bills

Did you know that residential air conditioning consumes about 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States? This amounts to more than $11 billion in costs to homeowners! Further, cooling commercial buildings and other non-residential facilities also consumes a lot of energy. The good news is that there are now various ways to reduce energy consumption.

One way is to use ductless air conditioning and heating units. Ductless AC systems are typically much more efficient. This is due in part because there is a lot of leakage with ducts. Further, air pushing through ducts will slowly warm up before even reaching the intended room. Pumping air through a duct system will also use up energy.

With ductless air conditioning systems, you can eliminate the leakage that results from ducts. You also won’t have to use energy to pump the air through ducts, and you can be sure the air is icy cold when it reaches the intended room. This will lead to reduced energy consumption, which could lower your monthly energy costs.

Don’t Put All Your Cooling in One Basket

Reduced cooling costs are perhaps the biggest benefit of ductless AC systems. It’s not the only benefit, however. If you have a centralized AC system and it breaks down for whatever reason, you could be left completely without AC for an extended period. Breakdowns are a fact of life and are difficult to avoid. Should you use ductless AC and one of the units goes out, you’ll likely lose cooling to just one room. You can move to a room with a functioning AC system while you wait for your professional repair service to assist.

Whether you need to have your AC system repaired or you’re looking to install a new ductless air conditioning system, get in touch with our team at Wilson Heating and Air Conditioning! We can figure out any AC issues you’re facing and also help you select the right AC system for your situation and needs.