How Air Quality Affects Worker Productivity

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Often when people think of their HVAC system, they are thinking of temperature control for the building. Few people consider the impact that HVAC has on air quality as well. Air quality is especially important in the workplace as it can drastically affect workers’ health and productivity. Let’s look at a few ways that air quality might be affecting your employees.

Poor Cognitive Function

In 2021, Harvard University conducted a study of air quality and its effect on workers. It was discovered during this study, that the cognitive function of in-office employees was diminished significantly when they were exposed to poor air quality. Cognitive function is necessary for every type of work-related task. If your commercial structure has poor air quality, then HVAC professionals can help.

More Frequent Headaches and Fatigue

Another interesting implication of poor air quality is greater instances of headache and fatigue. This is such a reoccurring problem for in-office workers that the term Sick Building Syndrome was coined as a condition in which illness is directly triggered by poor air quality. A sure sign of Sick Building Syndrome is that symptoms subside upon going outside.

Stress and Distraction

Poor air quality can even affect stress levels and decrease attention span. Air quality doesn’t simply refer to pollutants or allergens in the air. It can also refer to the temperature and humidity level as well. Uncomfortable temperatures and humidity levels can be irritating and distracting. It’s difficult to be at optimum productivity levels in these conditions.

Why Adaquete Temperature Is Important

In order to get the most productivity out of your workers, they need to be comfortable. Uncomfortable temperatures are also a part of air quality control. Although you’ll never be able to get temperatures at a place to please everyone all the time, you need to have them within a reasonable range. If you’re noticing more and more complaints about temperature, then rest assured that productivity is falling as employees are thinking about how cold or hot it is rather than work tasks.

Getting air quality under control is also beneficial to you financially. Poor air quality usually indicates that a system isn’t working efficiently and that means you’re losing money. According to National Grid, office buildings spend an annual average of $1.34 per square foot on electricity and most of this is from HVAC systems.

If you need help with air quality issues in your commercial buildings, then please contact us today. We are here for your HVAC needs. We look forward to speaking with you.